Knives & Industrial Blades

Industrial blades are required for a broad range of applications and industries;
Which Include: paper, tissue & cardboard manufacture, food processing, textile cutting, woodworking, medical blades & scalpels, etc.
Directly and through our worldwide distribution network, åtto supports many of the global leaders with our premium quality abrasive products.
Specific applications where åtto is delivering value & excellent surface finishes include: 
  • Superior Quality Finish on Swiss Army Knives with our range of rubber bonded type 2 polishing wheels.
  • Efficient Stock Removal with the åtto range of epoxy & polymer bonded grinding wheels which yield cost effective stock removal combined with an excellent surface finish. Available in single & multi zone options for more efficient processing.
  • Saw Blade Manufacture & Sharpening with our range of cork wheels, ideal for saw blade manufacture & blade sharpening.


Precision cutting products you can customise